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    Publish date 1 Feb 2024
    A message from the Branch Chair
    Richard Marshall
    Pub & Brewery News
    By Paul Worsley
    Delphic Brewery and Taproom
    Delphic Brewery and Taproom to open in Newbury
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    Publish date 1 Sep 2023
    Win 12 bottles of ale
    Hermitage Brewery Anniversary Competition
    Beer Festivals
    8+ local and nearby Autumn Festivals
    GBBF 2023
    Trip report with photos
    Website background
    How we use WordPress for our website
    End of an era
    This is our last Ullage for a while
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    Publish date 1 Jun 2023
    POTY 2023
    The Bell Inn, Aldworth
    COTY 2023
    The Hungerford Club
    Cider POTY
    Catherine Wheel, Newbury
    Local Beer Gardens
    By Emily Pennington
    Pub Profile #72
    The Wheatsheaf Inn, Thatcham
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    Publish date 1 Mar 2023
    London meetup
    Central Southern Region CAMRA meet in London
    The generation gap
    Emily Pennington
    Beer style guide
    Mild by Jeff Evans
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    Publish date 1 Dec 2022
    GBG 2023
    New entries awarded at Bowler's Arms
    King Charles Tavern
    Review by Emily Pennington
    Pub Companies
    Part 3: Pub operating models
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    Publish date 1 Sep 2022
    CAMRA competition
    Local homebrewer wins competition
    Pub Profile #71
    The Six Bells, Beenham
    21st Bierpassie Weekend
    6 Belgian beer enthusiast head for Antwerp
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    Publish date 1 Jun 2022
    Pub of the Year 2022
    The Lion, Newbury
    Club of the Year 2022
    The Hungerford Club
    Cider pub of the Year 2022
    The Catherine Wheel, Newbury
    Pub Profile #70
    The Bunk Inn, Curridge
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    Publish date 1 Mar 2022
    CAMRA Golden award
    Roy Bailey : 50th anniversary Golden Award
    Pub Companies
    Part 2 – The current scene
    Real Cider & Perry
    Apples from Roy Bailey’s orchard
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    Publish date 1 Dec 2021
    GBG2022 Launch
    At The Lion, Newbury
    River Fleet ale walk
    Alan Haselden and 3 friends in London
    Meet the brewer(s)
    Steve Harris & Ray Herbert; Bucklebury Brewery
    The Village
    A special area in east Reading
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    Publish date 1 Sep 2021
    Beer Festival return
    First West Berks festival at Old London Apprentice
    Pub Companies
    Who are they, what do they do?
    Boak & Bailey
    Pubs and beer all spick and span

Branch Magazine: Ullage

The branch magazine serves several purposes, including:

  1. Communication: The primary purpose of a CAMRA branch magazine is to communicate with members of the local branch. The magazine provides a platform for the branch to share news, events, and updates about the local real ale scene with its members.
  2. Education: The magazine can also educate members about real ale, its history, brewing methods, and tasting techniques. This can help members deepen their appreciation and understanding of real ale and the culture surrounding it.
  3. Promotion: The magazine can promote local pubs, breweries, and beer festivals. This helps support local businesses and encourages members to explore the real ale scene in their area.
  4. Community building: By providing a forum for members to share their thoughts, experiences, and opinions on real ale, the magazine can help build a sense of community among members. This can encourage members to get involved with the branch and participate in its activities.

Overall, a CAMRA branch magazine serves as a vital tool for keeping members informed, engaged, and connected to their local real ale community.