Festivals are starting up again

As we are slowly getting back to normality there are some local festivals you might be interested in. Find out more here or use the Festivals item in the main menu.

Coronavirus (covid-19) update

Several breweries and off-sales specialists are providing an exceptional service in our branch area (West Berks). See the Breweries page for a list of outlets that will deliver to your door.

Join us for a pint

CAMRA has created a virtual pub for beer drinkers and pub-goers to get together for a beer and tackle the loneliness and social isolation felt during the Coronavirus lockdown and closure of the nation’s pubs.

The Red On-Lion is a video platform where anyone can join the public bar for a lively chat over a beer or book a table to set up video conferencing for up to four participants. Coming soon: The virtual pub can also stream various pub quizzes, activities and events taking place online, bringing all virtual social activities in one place for the pub-seeker.

The Red On-Lion is the social arm for CAMRA’s #PullingTogether campaign, which was launched with SIBA and Crowdfunder to support the brewing and pub industry in this difficult time. Pub participants are encouraged to share what beer they’re sampling while visiting the Red On-Lion.


#PullingTogether Campaign

In conjunction with the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA), CAMRA is launching the “Pulling Together” campaign. This gives consumers and CAMRA members some easy steps to support their local pubs and breweries through the crisis. For obvious health reasons, this will mainly be an online campaign.

Find out more about the campaign: camra.org.uk/pullingtogether

Find out more about #PullingTogether in West Berkshire.

West Berks CAMRA

The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) is an organisation dedicated to fighting for the preservation of traditional British beer and traditional British pubs.

Once described as ‘the most successful consumer pressure group in Western Europe’, the Campaign was formed by 4 journalists in 1971 who were horrified at the declining quality of British beer.

The total membership of CAMRA has topped 188,000 members. These members are located throughout the United Kingdom organised into more than 180 branches similar to West Berkshire CAMRA.

Click on the links to learn about our branch and its area, about the people who run it, about our meetings and events, and about the best pubs for real ale in West Berkshire. You will also be able to see an online version of our Branch Magazine, learn the latest news, nominate a pub for the Good Beer Guide, and join CAMRA.

Breweries and Cider Producers in West Berks

There is currently a lot of new brewery activity in West Berkshire. Visit the Breweries page for a list of the latest breweries in our branch area.

Recent additions: Delphic Brewing Co and Swamp Bog Brewery.