Greenham Fallout

Greenham Fallout Cider is a local small producer of oak aged cider set up by Chris Moore and Steve Cooper in their Cider Barn, situated near the perimeter fence of the former RAF/USAF Greenham Common.
Greenham Fallout was born in 2013 when apples from trees surrounding the barn were collected and used to create 50 litres of cider. In June 2014, Chris and Steve sourced and personally collected from Normandy, a vintage cider press and scratter. These had been used for generations to make French cider which in turn helps infuse many different notes in the finished cider.
More flavour imparting qualities are gained from the 220 litre French wine barrels which for many years had matured red wine.
Greenham Fallout was available to the public for the first time this year in the cider marquee at the Newbury Real Ale Festival in September 2017 and at Newbury’s Catherine Wheel cider celebration in October 2017.