Green Shed Cider

The Green Shed Cider company is owned by Dave Bailey. Originally from the North, Dave has lived ‘Down South’ since 1985 with the last 15 years in Newbury.
With the help of his mates, Nick, Grant and Jon (to name but a few), Dave has been making Cider for the last seven years, starting off with fruit from a tree in his garden.
In 2018, he set up Green Shed Cider and began selling to the public for the first time and reports that his cider has been ‘really well received’.
Current outlets are limited to the Catherine Wheel and the monthly Farmers’ Market in Newbury.
The two initial ciders are Just Dry (5.8% ABV) and Medium (6.6% ABV). Wheel Cider was added subsequently as an exclusive cider for the Catherine Wheel, Newbury.

His equipment has evolved from a rickety press and second hand
demijohns to the acquisition of a new Mill and a salvaged weighty
barrel press from Grant’s parents’ house in the South of France. The
press now has pride of place, just outside the shed.

The Catherine Wheel has stocked both Green Shed Just Dry and Medium since bottling in June 2018. You can also pick up Green Shed at Newbury Farmers’ Market, on the first Sunday of each month, where Dave, who has now lost his Northern accent (well almost), will tell you all about the business of Cider Making, if you buy a bottle!
He is keen to work with other cider makers in Berkshire and develop our Eastern Counties style further.
Dave is committed to only making 100% real cider. Green Shed cider will remain local and produced on a small scale but made as interesting as possible.