Work from the pub!

Many people are now able to work from home for one or more days per week. However, for some people there may be advantages to work from a third party site. Recently, there has been a trend for pubs to offer work facilities with table space, refreshments and wifi etc.. [Pub Desks were featured in a BBC News post on 11 October.]

The Newbury, 137 Bartholomew Street, Newbury is the first pub in West Berkshire to offer a daily ‘package deal’ for people wanting to work from the pub.

Click on the link below for details of facilities offered by pubs below (further pubs – all offering wifi / plug socket – will be added as advised).

The Newbury, Newbury – ‘Rent a desk‘ £20 per person from 9am to 5pm (Wed, Thu, Fri) includes lunch, unlimited tea and filtered coffee. T&Cs apply to enquire email

Crown & Horns, East Ilsley – Pub desk – indoors or outdoors (eg marquee). From 10am (Mon-Fri). £10 for 2 hours includes lunchtime ciabatta, unlimited tea & coffee. Tel 01635 281545 [There was a feature in the Daily Mail about the Crown & Horns pub desk offer on 13 October 2020]

Old London Apprentice, Newbury – ‘Pub desk’ in Back ‘Office’ bar – 3 hour slots including fries + dip and unlimited tea / coffee for £10. Contact Ken 07919004902

Plough on the Green, Newbury – #WorkFromBars Book 2 hour slots. Breakfast and unlimited tea / coffee available for £10. Book 01635 45207.

Rowbarge, Woolhampton – WFTP (Work from the Pub) – 5 tables bookable 11.30am – 5pm for £20 to include light lunch, unlimited tea & coffee. Tel 01189 712213

Bunk Inn, Curridge – Pub desk – 12 noon – 3pm (Wed, Thu, Fri). £15 includes light lunch, unlimited tea & coffee. Tel 01635 200400

Work from your local

Work from your local, is a community campaign to encourage people to work one day a week from their local pub, cafe or space. Venues are shown on a map on the WFYL website. Venues add themselves to the map (it’s free and they keep all income generated), stipulating their requirements for working there. People use the map to find venues they can work from.