GBBF at Your Local: White Hart, Hamstead Marshall

Enjoy a sample of Saviour Sanity, Saviour Boozer, Saviour Gold & a pot of nuts for £5 during The Great British Beer Festival held at The White Hart Inn from July 30th until Aug 8th 2021. After a beer tasting at the pub or in the garden, there are 3 litre take away options for £10 each for one or more of the Saviour beers which are all brewed on site.

The White Hart, Hamstead Marshall, is the first pub in our branch to take advantage of the central publicity offered by CAMRA to encourage people to support their local pubs and breweries during the period when the Great British Beer Festival would normally be taking place at London Olympia. (The GBBF has been cancelled in 2020 and 2021).

Visit the White Hart, Hamstead Marshall website for details of opening hours etc.

Visit the GBBF at Your Local website for details of other events and competitions.

Other pubs or breweries wishing to take advantage of this free national publicity, from 30 July until 8 August 2021, can find details under the ‘Get Involved‘ tab at: