Delphic Brewing Co

Tom Broadbank at the Wheatsheaf Inn, Thatcham

Tom Broadbank is the brewer for Delphic Brewing Co, a new brewery based in Thatcham.

A group of West Berkshire CAMRA members met Tom at the Wheatsheaf Inn, Thatcham on Saturday 16 November, 2019. Two Delphic beers were on the bar: The Wheatsheaf (Best Bitter 4.2% ABV), a permanent beer at the pub and Green on the Scene (Green Hopped Pale 4.2% ABV).

There is a Delphic Brewing Co launch event at the Wheatsheaf Inn on Saturday 14 December from 5pm. The beers that will be available for sampling are:

‘The Wheatsheaf’ – amber, malty and fruity with notes of blackcurrant and citrus from UK grown Cascade hops.

‘Ampage Up’, a 4.8% dry-hopped American Pale Ale, low bitterness, golden in colour, super juicy with a mix of US grown Centennial, Cascade and Lemondrop. Unfined, hazy and with a body that punches well above it’s weight. The name comes from a mix of the frustrations of single phase power and a fantastic song to mash-in to.

‘Green On The Scene’ is a fresh green hopped, traditional, single malt English Pale Ale. 4.2% in ABV, brewed with homegrown Cascade hops, picked by hand and thrown straight in the boil. This year’s harvest has brought spicy citrus notes and some apple flavours to this super-limited one off brew.

An additional experimental brew may also be available if it is ready in time