Meet the (Bucklebury) Brewer at the Cow & Cask

Ian Batho has independently arranged a Meet the Brewer event with Steve Harris (Bucklebury Brewery) on Saturday 20 November (7.30pm) at the Cow & Cask, Inch’s Yard, Market Street, Newbury. RG14 5DP

There will be a cask of beer from the brewery on tap and samples of the other beers brewed at Bucklebury Brewery will be distributed during the event to allow all the beers to be tasted. Steve will talk about the micro brewery, the individual beers and plans for the future and answer any questions.

The four core Bucklebury Brewery beers are: Bucklebury Gold (4.3% ABV), Bucklebury Best (3.7% ABV Bitter), Bucklebury Harvest (5.8% ABV, Autumnal ale showcasing German malts and hops) and Bucklebury Black (5.7% dark IPA with New World hops).

Tickets are £5 per person and attendance is limited to 15 maximum. To confirm a booking, cash payment in advance is required at the Cow & Cask (NB Limited opening hours Any enquiries to Ian Batho 07517 658071 or email: