West Berkshire Branch of CAMRA

The Branch Committee.

The branch selects its branch officers annually during the AGM. The current officers are as follows:

Chairman Andy Pinkard
Vice Chairman Adrian Bean
Secretary Mike Avery Tel:01635 820481
Treasurer Alison Chetwynd  
Pubs Database Co-ordinator Kevin Brady  
Membership Secretary Andy Pinkard  
Branch Magazine Editor Tim Thomas  
Branch Magazine Design & Production Richard Lock  
Press & PR Karen Bowen  
Webmaster Tony Girling  
Beer Score Co-ordinator Kevin Brady  
Branch Pubs Protection Officer and Pubs Campaigning Coordinator Paul Worsley  
Social Secretary - Vacant -  
Cider Representative Rod Holmes  
Brewery Liaison Officer for Butts Brewery Glenn Parsons  
Brewery Liaison Officer for Indigenous Brewery Andy Pinkard  
Brewery Liaison Officer for INNformal Brewery Nigel Munro  
Brewery Liaison Officer for Two Cocks Brewery Tommy Webb  
Brewery Liaison Officer for West Berkshire Brewery Chris Reynolds  
Brewery Liaison Officer for Wild Weather Ales Steve Kelly  

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